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Jackie Jarvis and Dawn Lillington

How Natural Netwalking was Born

We are 2 business women who enjoy walking, Jackie Jarvis and Dawn Lillington. We love being outdoors in the fresh air and have experienced just how much energy, motivation and brain power walking can create. (Let’s face it we all need a bit of that when we run our own business!) 

Having been in business for several years we both recognise the value of networking, however having done a lot of it, for a very long time, we found ourselves suffering from both ‘networking’ burn out and information overload. 

A different way 

Feeling the need for a different way, Jackie started walking meetings and encouraging her business coaching clients to walk and talk.The feedback was incredibly positive! 

She found walking together with her clients and contacts, in the countryside seemed to create more space to think, stimulated better ideas and resulted in more clarity. Walking side by side enabled natural genuine communication to flow. 

As a result, Jackie has now become The Walking Business Coach and is delivering her business coaching in a walk and talk style.

At the same time Dawn found that as her Graphic and Web Design Business required her best creative flair, a walk every morning was a great way to stimulate inspiring ideas for her clients. She just made more time for walking.

Fresh air thinking

One day when we were out walking together, we talked about how nice it would be to find a Natural Stress-Free way of Networking. A way of building contacts that we would really enjoy. Natural Netwalking was the answer!

Netwalking not Networking

So, here we are sharing this new concept with you. 

Now you can do business and get fit at the same time.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

Jackie and Dawn

Our Natural Netwalkers…