Natural Netwalking COVID-19 Procedures

Natural Netwalking COVID-19 Procedures

Natural Netwalking COVID-19 Procedures

In England groups offering outdoor tours and physical activity events are exempt from the restrictions on social gatherings referred to as the six person rule.

Guided tours of up to 30 people may take place indoors or outdoors provided businesses undertake risk assessments and put in place any necessary mitigation (many of our Netwalks will operate below the maximum).

The group has done a risk assessment with regards COVID 19 and has a ‘We’re Good To Go’COVID-19 Certificate from VisitBritain.

Transport to the Netwalk start destination must be made adhering to current government health guidance with regards transport and social distancing.

You must not just turn up for a Netwalk if you are not on the list for attending as the organizer needs to know the specific numbers attending and individual names for possible tracing.

You must not share food or equipment.

Hand sanitiser and a face covering must be carried by all participants, you will not be required to wear a mask when out walking; however it is possible that a situation may arise making social distancing difficult and face covering mandatory. You are welcome to wear a face covering during the Netwalk.

Attendees must be willing to follow social distancing guidelines while on the hike.

You should not attend if you or anyone you live with have been displaying Covid symptoms in the past two weeks, and if you display any symptoms within 14 days of after the event, you must inform Natural Netwalking

We are reviewing our guidance regularly in response to the latest government advice. Our priority is to protect the health of our Netwalkers, and to help suppress the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Please check this page regulary for any updates or changes.

Please note - Natural Netwalking does not provide PPE, the decision to bring your own PPE please bring your own hand santisers and face coverings and follow the latest government social distancing guidelines and advice.

We will split participants into appropriately sized groups, according to the latest government guidance. Social distancing rules whilst walking and talking will also be applied.

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