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COURSE 1 - Natural Stress-Free Selling Online Course Details

Part 1 – Preparing to Sell the Natural Way

Lesson 1

Sales is not a dirty word’

  • Understand what stops you selling as well as you could
  • How to change your thought process so you can enjoy selling
  • Reset your sales radar in a way that will motivate you
  • The simple principles and values of ‘Natural Stress-Free Selling

Lesson 2

‘Connecting with the value you offer’

  • The importance of a clear purpose and how to find it (Your WHY) 
  • Make the most of your passion for what you do
  • How your values can be your greatest USP
  • Uncover the greatest benefit you offer

Lesson 3

‘The best client for your solution’

  • How to identify your perfect client
  • Why being an expert in a niche is important
  • How to research your best niche
  • The things you need to understand about your perfect client

Lesson 4

‘Describing your offering’

  • How your clarity can effect sales outcomes
  • Make the elements of what you offer &how you work easy to understand
  • The power of a visual graphic to show not tell
  • How to be comfortable and confident with pricing

Lesson 5

‘How to create a simple sales ladder’

  • How a sales ladder builds trust quickly
  • Why structure and steps are important
  • What to include on your stairway
  • How to structure your first ‘complimentary’ and ‘paid for’ step

Part 2 – Easy Steps to Natural Selling Conversations

Lesson 6  

‘Powerful rapport building’ 

  • The keys to making an instant natural connection
  • How being present influences the dynamic of your conversation
  • Why your authentic self is the most powerful asset you have
  • Communicating quiet confidence

Lesson 7

‘The 6-step natural sales conversation structure’ 

  • What are the six steps from initial contact to conversion
  • How missing one out can lose you the business
  • The mind-set that allows this conversation to flow
  • How to take notes and still stay connected 

Lesson 8

‘The questions that lead to “Yes”’ 

  • How to craft your questions to guide sales conversations
  • The rules and practice of active listening
  • Which questions work, and which don’t
  • How to summarise in your customer’s language

Lesson 9

‘Inspire “Yes” to your solution’

  • What clients really want to hear from you
  • How to make what you offer meaningful to each client
  • How stories sell and how to share yours and make an impact
  • How to use your visual aids to enhance your message
  • How to connect with your client’s values
  • How to present the price and agree value

Lesson 10

‘Getting paid and securing long-term clients’

  • Proposals – what clients really want to read about
  • Tips to avoid ‘scope’ creep’
  • How to make follow up part of your routine
  • Building an emotional resilience to ‘NO’ (if you get it)
  • Ways to keep that vital motivation, passion and continuous learning
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COURSE 2 - 50 Quick Win Video Lessons in Business and Personal Development

Including Templates and Guidance

5 Quick Wins to Inspire Business Growth 

  • Inspire with a Vision 
  • Connect with your Purpose
  • Know your Market Opportunity
  • Clarify a Clear USP
  • Be Easy to Work With

2. Quick Wins to Attract Top Quality Leads

  • Define your Ideal Customer 
  • Givers Gain 
  • Focus your Networking
  • Build a Referral Power Team
  • Develop an Opportunity Radar

3. 5 Quick Wins to Increase Sales

  • Analyse your Sales Process
  • Build a Sales Ladder 
  • Feel Good About Follow up 
  • Develop a Fact Find 
  • Personalise Proposals 

4. 5 Quick Wins to Retain and Build Client’s Spend

  • Needs Review
  • Refer to your Clients 
  • Cross and Up Sell
  • Show ROI and Value
  • Build a Strong Rapport

5.  5 Quick Wins to Build Trust with Clients

  • Connect with Values
  • Create and Share Relevant Case Studies 
  • Cement your Relationship 
  • Address Problems Positively
  • Ask For and React to Feedback 

6. 5 Quick Wins to Achieve and Measure Success

  • 4 Ways to Client Growth
  • Create a One Page Clarity Plan
  • Create Simple PPO Plan
  • Define and Repeat Success Activities 
  • Be Lean and Flexible

  7.  5 Quick Wins to Build your Team

  • Get the Right People doing the Right Things
  • Communicate Expectations 
  • Be a Coach
  • Ignite the Power of Appreciation
  • Mastermind Meeting Structure

8.  5 Quick Wins to Manage your Time

  • Know What Is Important
  • Set Break Through Goals
  • Change Habits that Don’t Serve You
  • Eat that Frog
  • Use Your Power Hours

9.  5 Quick Wins to Stress Less

  • Manage Self - Talk
  • Learn to Let Go
  • Be Present
  • Exercise for Energy
  • Delegate with Confidence

10. Quick Wins to Stay Happy and Motivated

  • Create Balance 
  • Make and Embrace Change
  • How to be Resilient 
  • Maintain Self-Belief and Trust
  • Harness the Power of Gratitude 
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